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Teaching Post-2000 British Literature Survey
(Northumbria University UK, supported by British Council Literature)

A new research project is exploring international awareness about the extent to which post-millennial British literature is being taught globally today, how colleagues overseas are learning about developments in the field, and what additional support and resources would be useful to you in future. 

By taking part in the survey you will help the British Higher Education sector to better understand and tailor resources and events to meet your current needs and enhance your future opportunities to engage with new British writing. 

The survey is designed to explore your current awareness and experience of teaching post-millennial British literature in higher education settings based outside of the UK and Ireland.

It defines post-millennial British literature as all novels, short stories, plays, poems and digital writings commercially published in print or online by British authors in the English language from 2000 to 2020 inclusive.  

The survey will take only 7 minutes to complete. 

Your responses to the survey questions will be anonymised and aggregated in the published research. 

The results of the research will be published by Northumbria University, UK in late 2020.

If you have any questions about the survey please email Professor Katy Shaw

Data Protection

Data will be gathered and held by Northumbria University via JISC Surveys. Due to the sensitive nature of some of the issues that will be addressed the datasets will be anonymised in any outputs and not deposited in any further repositories to preserve the anonymity and personal data of participants.

1.1. What is the highest educational qualification you hold in English?
2.2. What level of Higher Education do you teach?
4.4. Do you currently teach post-millennial British Literature on an undergraduate higher education programme outside of the UK and Ireland?
5.5. Is post-millennial British literature a popular area of study for your students at undergraduate level?
6.6. Is post-millennial British literature a popular area of study for your students at postgraduate level (MA/MRes/PhD)?
7.7. How would you describe your overall awareness of developments in the field of post-millennial British literature?
8.8. What sources of information do you use in the design and delivery of your teaching on post-millennial literature?
9.9. What influences your teaching of post-millennial British liteature?
11.11. Is there demand among students for a certain kind of post-millennial British literature? Select those that are most popular:
13.13. What methods do you use to deliver teaching on post-millennial British literature?
14.14. On how many modules do post-millennial British writings appear in your current  programmes?
15.15. Do you feel like you have enough support and resources to teach post-millennial British literature in the classroom today?
16.16. What additional resources and/or support would enhance your teaching of post-millennial British literature?
17.17. Would you be interested in becoming part of an international network of academics who teach post-millennial British literature?