Page 1: Introduction and project overview

The Home Biome project is part of a global study investigating pollutants and microbes found inside our homes. Your vacuum dust sample will be analysed for selected metal concentrations, and we will send you a report of the results. We are also carrying out additional testing on selected samples to find out what microbes live with us in our homes. Our tiny friends routinely share spaces with us and can be found on virtually any household surface, our pets, our clothes, our food and even our own bodies. 

The vacuum dust sample that you provide will help us to paint a national picture of what is found in indoor dusts across residential homes and answer questions about chemical and microbial diversity indoors. By participating in this study, you will become a member of  a global community of citizens coming together to help scientists better understand the diversity that exists under our own roof.  

This questionnaire will take between 7 - 8 minutes to complete and the information will be used to assist us in interpreting the results of the laboratory analyses. Please simply skip any questions that do not apply or that you prefer not to answer.

Details of how to send us a vacuum dust sample are at the end of this questionnaire. For more information (and a reminder of how to send us a dust sample) check out the website at

A big thank you from the Home Biome team for taking part and helping us to learn more about our indoor environment.