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This survey will provide vital intelligence to feed into a review of the Green Infrastructure Partnership (GIP) undertaken by Professor Alister Scott  from the University of Northumbria as part of a funded project by the Natural Environment Research Council on mainstreaming green infrastructure.

This forms an important workstream to help shape the future direction of the Green infrastructure Partnership; a key champion of green infrastructure policy and practice.

All responses are anonymous and your privacy will be protected. No responses identify you as an individual or organisation.

The survey will take approximately 15 minutes for completion.

Please read the following piece about the Green Infrastructure Partnership to understand the scope of this survey.

The Green Infrastructure Partnership is a rapidly growing network of 2,000+ people and organisations that support the development of green infrastructure in the UK. The Green Infrastructure Partnership has two strategic objectives:

•             To share information about green infrastructure research, policy, practice, funding, innovation etc

•             To influence key decision-makers about the value of green infrastructure.

The Green Infrastructure Partnership is free to join, and this is made possible because of sponsorship from a few key organisations that support its aims.

The Green Infrastructure Partnership has been managed by the TCPA for 5 years now. Thus, it is timely to review the progress achieved and think strategically about its future evolution, funding, membership, governance and priorities. However, the Green Infrastructure Partnership is a voluntary network which has no direct funding and relies on sponsorship, grants and good will for events and activities and policy programmes.  

The Scope of this Evaluation

•             To review past work and outputs of the Green Infrastructure Partnership to plan a future vision in line with key policy changes and increasing influence of green infrastructure in research, policy and practice.

•             To identify the current and likely future drivers of green infrastructure research, policy and practice to inform the evaluation.  

•             To review terms of reference,  priorities and funding  of the Green Infrastructure Partnership.      

However, in completing this survey can I ask you that any suggestions for change are justified with possible funding and delivery pathways, where appropriate.